Highlighting a great user experience for a change

I want to take a moment on this first day of the New Year and publicly recognise a great user experience for a change because we, in general, don't do that enough.

It isn’t that good designs are or should be invisible, as Dan Saffer recently broke down that myth.

More simply, I think it's easier to identify the discrete experiences that annoy us because there's something tangible we can point to and go, "See here? This irritates me! Let's not do this." Inversely, a design that allows us to successfully accomplish our goals without too much friction isn't as easy to explain how we feel with a single screenshot like, "Wow. Everything about this task flow was fantastic. We should try to follow this in our own designs.”

For me today, it all started with buying movie tickets…

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Is there no room for art in UX and Interaction Design?

What is "art" to you?

I asked this question to a few people today after seeing Mr. Alan Cooper's brief thoughts on art's role in design, or the lack thereof. The answers I received aligned with his definition of art being personal expression. 

But what of art's relation to design? Is there a place for art in terms of software, web, or end-to-end experience design or, as Mr. Cooper states, does this idea essentially differ and distract from the true needs of design work?

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