A Beautiful Welcome

I can't express to you the full, joyous depth of how I felt when I walked into my new client's (and potential full-time employer's) workspace and saw two giant user journey maps posted up on the wall in all of their Post-it Note glory. They told me that they had just learned how to start creating these customer journey maps literally days before. Now, to be a bit boastful, they also said that my CV mentioning of Jeff Patton's User Story Mapping book as being an inspiration and love of mine helped kickstart them on this path. If you haven't read it yet, I strongly encourage it whether you work in PM, UX, CX, etc. 

All in all, simply seeing these happy and painful paths laid out on the wall in a wondrous bouquet of sticky note colors let me know that they were seriously buying into the new world focused on the user's experience.

It's time to get started...