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A little about me, geoff


To be competitive in today's market, knowing when and how to ask "Why?" and having a deep, empathetic understanding of your customers is critical.

Having this deep understanding of behaviours, motivations, pains, and goals enables you to do more than betting your success on luck and intuition. What all of this means in my personal life though is that my closest friends and family have to deal with me wondering why we, as humans, are doing everything that we do. We're interesting creatures, for sure, and I'm curious!

So, after 10+ years of playing a hand in nearly every aspect of web and software development, testing, research, and design, I found myself moving halfway across the world to New Zealand. Here in Aotearoa, I've dedicated my career solely to my passion of guiding businesses with end-to-end customer and service experience insights.

I liken myself to not only a player in this budding industry, but a coach as well. What new UX lessons and processes I read about throughout the week, I digest and pass back to my teams and design communities so that we all can help strengthen our collective rapport. I live for that moment when everyone realises the value of early user research and design after observing their first usability test or customer interview.

In the end, it doesn't matter to me whether I'm identifying business opportunties and telling customer stories for physical shops to cloud-based software services, there'll be an interesting problem to discover and solve.

I'm ready to dive in; we've got a lot to learn together.