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A little about me, geoff


In the business world, knowing when and how to ask "Why?" is critical for growth.

Having a deep understanding of your customers and all of their behaviours, motivations, pains, and goals enables you to do more than betting your success on luck and intuition.

In personal life though, it means my friends and family have to constantly put up with me wondering why we're doing everything we're doing. We're interesting creatures, for sure, and I'm curious!

After 10+ years of playing a hand in nearly every aspect of research, design, development, and testing for US military web and software applications, I moved halfway across the world to New Zealand and dedicated my career focus on guiding businesses on user and customer experience for any of their products or services.

Inspiring people and organisations to imbed a customer-centric focus in their work, I believe, will only help us all live richer and more stress-free lives. I live for that moment when everyone from the executives to the delivery teams realise the value of early user research after watching their first live or recorded usability test; that moment when they see what opportunities they have to rise above their competition in the market.

I read everything I can related to this domain and attend local meetups with like-minded individuals in the industry. I love this insatiable thirst for knowledge in understanding people and I want to share it with you.

In the end, what I hope for most is to have fun with whomever I'm working alongside of, on whatever questions we want answered, and on whatever problems we're trying to tackle.

I'm ready to dive in; we've got a lot to learn together.